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Prendi la tua VPS ad alte prestazione oggi.

VPS con IPv4 ed IPv6


Se per il tu utilizzo necessiti anche di un IPv4 puoi scegliere queste VPS in ogni caso hanno anche l’ipv6

VPS con solo Ipv6




Se non necessiti di un IPv4 per il tuo utilizzo scegli queste VPS per risparmiare

VPS Alte Prestazioni

NOME CPU RAM SSD Windows? Connettività /Mese Ordina ora
B1 2 vCore 4 GB 80GB Shared gigabit symmetrical 12€
B2 4 vCore 4 GB 100GB Shared gigabit symmetrical 14€
B3 6 vCore 8 GB 120GB Shared gigabit symmetrical 16€
B4 8 vCore 8 GB 200GB Shared gigabit symmetrical 23€
B5 8 vCore 16 GB 240GB Shared gigabit symmetrical 27€
B6 8 vCore 24 GB 300GB Shared gigabit symmetrical 38€
B7 10 vCore 32 GB 300GB Shared gigabit symmetrical 49€

Empowering you with the tools you need

Complete Customization

You have full root access to your vps and are free to managed as you please

Top-Level Security

Our VPS are hosted in a secure datacenter either in Germany or France

Beyond Fast

We hand pick our hardware component to be able to provide you the best perfomance to the price

World-Class Support

We strive to provide the best Support Experience and constantly monitor all of our infrastructure to resolve issues before they impact your service

Managed VPS

Do you want the performance of your own dedicated VPS but don't want the hassle of managing it?

We will manage your VPS to keep it updated, pathed and secure.