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Discord BOT JS

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Da 5€ all'anno

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Host Discord BOT JS

CPUMemory SSD/YearDisponibilitàOrdina ora
2 vCore1 GB2GB5€1m
2 vCore2 GB5GB7€1m
2 vCore4 GB10GB11€1m
2 vCore8 GB15GB14€1m

Host Discord BOT Python

CPU Memory SSD /Mo Disponibilità Ordina ora
2 vCore 1 GB 2GB 5€ 1m
2 vCore 2 GB 5GB 7€ 1m
2 vCore 4 GB 10GB 11€ 1m
2 vCore 8 GB 15GB 14€ 1m
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BOT discord

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